En stol er ikke bare en stol

A chair is not just a chair

Over time, the chair has been thoroughly explored – which sometimes results in particularly artistic designs that challenge traditions. 

Anna Aagaard Jensen, A Basic Instinct 
With the chair series ‘A Basic Instinct’, Anna Aagaard Jensen has created a design that breaks with tradition. The chairs are shaped in a way that makes you sit with spread legs in a backwards-leaning pose. The design is intended to facilitate that women can embrace more provocative and confrontational poses in public spaces. The series is still in production, and we occasionally see new takes on it. ‘Lady Daisy’ from 2021 is the newest and the only one developed for a Danish context. It was exhibited in collaboration with the collective ‘Dansk Export’ and Etage Projects at the Chart Art Fair in 2021. The materials used are (metal), polystyrene, PU foam, acrylic resin, fiberglass, and makeup used in the colouring. 

Louise Campbell, Veryround 
Louise Campbell's chair from 2016 almost looks like a paper cut-out. Especially when you stand in front of the sharply illuminated white chair against a black background, as it is currently on display at Designmuseum Denmark. The chair consists of 160 circles. It is laser-cut and industrially manufactured, but only exists in a limited edition that consists of 1000 signed copies. One of these is, as already mentioned, on display at Designmuseum Denmark in the exhibition ‘The Magic of Form’.  

Egeværk, FLUID Easy chair 
The Danish design duo Egeværk is best known for their work with wood. FLUID is thus an atypical Egeværk design, a chair moulded in resin with copper legs. It resembles a creature from outer space – or perhaps more aptly the deep sea, seeing as the sculptural chair is inspired by a jellyfish. The original casting mould was made of wood as part of the DR programme ‘Danmarks Næste Klassiker” (Denmark’s Next Classic). Subsequently, several international galleries have shown an interest in the distinctive and very imaginative jellyfish-inspired chair. 

Published in magasinet arkitektur/design no 2 2023
By Tina Kristensen
Translation: Ann Lykke Jensen

Top Image: Egeværk, FLUID Easy chair 

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