A few dates you should be aware of.

When you order your annual subscription to Magasinet arkitektur / design, there are just a few dates you need to be aware of.

We pull the addresses of both current and new members into our subscription system three weeks before a publication.

(The addresses must first be checked, then labels must be printed on the magazines and then sent out to subscribers).

Therefore, it is important to order your subscription no later than three weeks before the publication you would like to start your subscription with.

If you first order your subscription, after the addresses have been drawn into the system, it will only be published with the publication after the upcoming publication.

Remember that you can always buy the current magazine in selected kiosks all over the country - see our dealer list here.

You can also buy the current, as well as previouseditions of the magazine in bulk via our webshop as long as stocks last.

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Publication dates 2024

#1: 14. marts 2024

Tema: Danske opera- og musikhuse

#2: 11. juli 2024
Tema: 3daysofdesign

#3: 10. oktober 2024
Tema: Keramik

#4: 19. december 2024
Tema: Klima og arkitektur